Our range of Maxi and SuperMaxi bricks has fast become our most popular size format. This cost competitive alternative has been used for all forms of building – from low income housing to superior dwellings, schools, hospitals, libraries in the low, medium and high-rise structures.

Maxis are compatible with conventional face bricks – 2 courses of Maxi brick is the same height as 4 courses of facebrick.

What makes Algoa’s Maxi and SuperMaxi bricks the most popular size format? It’s all about saving time and cost.

  • Less mortar as mortar bed is narrower
  • Fewer joints per square meter versus the standard 52 joints
  • The added height means the wall goes up in a half of the time
  • Lighter mass per square meter means less mass on site needs to be moved and transported
  •  Easier handling compared to conventional 110mm increases speed of laying