Nearly 80 years of brick making experience

Our quick turnaround times, great service and practical, premium products keep your construction project on track and on budget. Contact Algoa Brick for your building needs. With almost 80 years of brick making experience, we are here to serve the construction industry and home builders on the Eastern Cape coast


Over the past 15 years, our carbon emissions per tonne of salable brick are 20% below the sector average, our energy use is 6% below sector average, and water consumption is 45% below sector average. This has been achieved through dematerialisation, higher-efficiency oil burners, the use of biomass in firing, waste reduction and water reduction. Read more about our initiatives to minimise energy consumption and the environmental effect on the land.


Algoa Brick manufactures high quality NFX clay bricks in standard, Maxi and Supermaxi sizes at its two production facilities at Swartkops, Port Elizabeth.

Algoa Brick is the biggest plaster brick (NFP) production facility in the Eastern Cape, with a combined annual capacity of 45 Million brick equivalents.

Why build with clay brick?

When you build with clay brick, you build for the future. You build pride and dignity. You create satisfied occupants living and working in a safe, healthy environment. You create satisfied property owners who can rely on affordable and easily maintained infrastructure. And you create prosperous local communities and entrepreneurs.

What’s news in our company & community

Algoa provides quality products and technical advice to build and improve build homes and businesses. We also supports a selection of local social responsibility programmes and help our communities improve the natural environment.

Algoa Brick’s Port Elizabeth production facility in the Eastern Cape, has an annual capacity of 45 million bricks. We focus on NFP and NFX stock and maxi bricks.
Algoa not only sponsored bricks, but also paid for a professional bricklayer to put down paving to fix an inaccessible entrance at Khayalethu Youth Centre
The natural colours and textures of clay brick allow for endless opportunity to individualise your home and make it a modern work of art.