Clay bricks suitable for general building work where strength and durability is critical.
Clay bricks in both standard and large sizes, perforated to reduce weight. Includes Maxis and SuperMaxis which are cost-effective and easy to work with.
Wider tolerances are allowed on FBA bricks (also called semi-face bricks). They are a popular choice where a rough or more rustic look is required.
Facing bricks not only provide dimensional strength and structure, they come in a wide selection of colours and textures, so they don't need to be plastered. 
Calculate your quantities of bricks and mortar Use our online calculator to work out the approximate quantity of bricks, mortar, sand and cement you will require for your construction project, […]
Use these practical costing sheets to calculate your savings when you use Algoa's Maxi 90 or SuperMaxi large format clay bricks.
Why have Algoa's Maxi and SuperMaxi bricks become so popular? It's all about saving time and money.