The natural colours and textures of clay brick allow for endless opportunity to individualise your home and make it a modern work of art.
Healthy buildings are good for the environment, good for residents, and good for economic growth. Clay brick masonry demonstrates all these qualities throughout its long life.
Bricks are manufactured to SABS specifications and their use is controlled by strict national building regulations to protect home owners and property investors. The consistent quality and size of bricks means building contractors can get on with their work!
Due to the durability of brickwork, clay face bricks require little or no maintenance ensuring lowest life cycle costs, saving both time and money year after year.
Brick buildings shape South Africa’s architectural heritage. Affordable brick homes moulded from South African soil have protected and served South African families for generations.
Why have Algoa's Maxi and SuperMaxi bricks become so popular? It's all about saving time and money.