Makana Brick Distributors Workshop

Makana Brick Distributors Workshop
Makana Brick Distributors Workshop

At a recent Makana Brick Distributors Workshop held at the Fishriver Sun, Algoa Brick was awarded the
main prize of the day, that is "Biggest Distributor for Makana Brick".
After ending second last year, sales staff and support staff went the extra mile in ensuring we sell themost Face Bricks in our area as agent of Makana Brick. All credit to Mark Hunter-Smith and his team for the exceptional effort in achieving yet another goal set by the Algoa Brick executive management.

A special reward was also handed to Rowan Roux for his contribution in the industry by Makana Brick.
Rowan remains a legend in the brick industry. I am very proud to have known and worked with him in the
clay brick environment. Rowan retired at the end of February this year and we wish him well in his time off and trust that he will be spending more time with family and loved ones.

Nico Mienie - Managing Director